1A. Working with manufacturers, supermarkets and retailers

Need your products assessed or for marketing? I have helped other food industry groups with:

• Assessment of products for niche markets
• Marketing to mainstream nutrition
• Product reviews and analysis
• Development of new and innovative products
• “Improvement” of products to meet claims
• Strategic
• Spokesperson work to media
• Nutrition marketing and food trends
• Identify new markets and new opportunities
• Food regulation and labelling
• Writing for sales brochures or corporate websites
• Creating your nutrition labels – NIP, Ingredient List, Claims, Health Star Rating, Blurb on the front and back
• Training of sales personnel
• Presentations to marketing teams

I am happy to work as a team with your food technologist, marketing manager, comms consultant or advertising agency.

If you’re looking to partner together, please drop me a line here.

Companies I’ve worked with

AHM Health Insurance
Uncle Toby’s Oats
N4 Food and Health
Jean Hailes Foundation for Women’s Health
Lipton tea, Unilever
Brita Water Filters
Lupin Foods
Coles Great Meal Ideas recipe
Healthy Kids Expo
Meat Livestock Aust


1B. Working with growers

Here’s how I can help you promote your fresh produce better and more effectively:

• Identifying the features and key benefits of your produce
• Food regulation and labelling – what you can and can’t say
• Advice on getting your product analysed
• Using Social Media to spread the word

Organisations I’ve worked with

Australian Mushroom Growers Assocation
Perfection Fresh
Australian Macadamia Growers
Australian Pear Growers