My passions

I’m busy. I know you are too. I aim to make it easier for you to eat well, not harder – I hate all those diets and can help you with healthy weight loss long-term – Love testing new products and reviewing new diet books – Enjoy cooking healthy food but don’t want to be chained to the kitchen

My peeves

All the nonsense and confusion that surrounds food, eating and diets these days – Stupid fad diets that promise fast weight loss and suck you in – Unhealthy fast food dripping with grease and overloaded with salt or sugar – and not a vegetable in sight?

My philosophy

Healthy eating is important for everyone, regardless of age or gender – Eat to nourish your body, not to lose weight –  Think nutrient-dense whole foods – Don’t eat if you’re not hungry. Stop when you’re at a comfortable fullness, not over-stuffed.


My food rules

Follow my 90:10 Rule. Eat healthily 90 per cent of the time and enjoy a treat 10 per cent – A little of what you fancy makes for pleasure and enjoyment – Aim for balance – ONE chocolate won’t throw your whole diet off track, but the whole box will! Get the balance right.




Here’s what I can do for you…

Catherine Saxelby Shoot Nutrition 2015-3-34

I work with manufacturers (large or small), supermarkets and growers to nail down your product’s nutrition benefits and to be clear on what you can and can’t say on the food label and in PR. I can assist with:

  • Product review and analysis
  • Development of new innovative products
  • Spokesperson to media
  • Nutrition marketing and food trends
  • Food regulation and labelling
  • Workshops with teams and staff
  • Consumer and corporate writing
  • Speaking and presentations

I am happy to work with your food technologist, marketing manager or comms consultant.

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Dozens of happy clients

  • Thank you for your extremely professional and informative presentations at our seminar. The feedback from participants was excellent, your presentations very highly rated, with many commenting it was the highlight of the day.

    Janet Haynes
    Manager Education & Consultancy International Diabetes Institute, Melbourne
  • We love using Catherine’s content as our public members find it easy to understand in Nosh Magazine while our professional members also appreciate the detail and references.

    Tracey Emney
    Founder and CEO of
  • I have been receiving your Foodwatch newsletter for nearly 10 years now (or since its inception – it feels like 10 years). I have long retired from the fitness industry but your Foodwatch newsletter is still the best (and only) subscription that I maintain to any mailing list. The quality is second to none and I still refer it to people as the most authoritative nutritional information in Australia.

    Loyal reader
  • I still have a well-worn copy of your 1986 Nutrition for Life book. It was my bible when studying a health food course :)

    Michelle McCallam
    Women In Small Enterprise Network
  • I have always been an avid fan of your work and your solid nutrition philosophies.

    Robyn Perlstein
  • I love your no nonsense, honest and very comprehensive approach to your reviews :) I’m interested in back-to-basics good food and healthy living.

    Mum of three great kids


Making healthy eating EASY so it’s not a chore

From fast food to fat loss, she has written, researched and talked about virtually every aspect of healthy eating.

She is an award-winning nutritionist and media food commentator, who understands the demands of today’s busy world and the complexity of food issues. She can cut through the clutter – so you know what to eat for dinner tonight!